PCB assembly

With the advent of the latest generation of the SMT machines, the mounting of components on the circuit board has ceased to be an art available only for the chosen ones. There emerged lots of companies offering a typical set of the mounting services. At present, the main differences between the manufacturing facilities are not in the actual manufacturing lines, but in the organization of the auxiliary and related technological processes.

In addition to the well-established process of mounting the components on the circuit board at our facilities in Shenzhen (China) and Zelenograd (Russian Federation), we offer our customers the following services:

  • Supply of components, including the direct supply of unique and customized components from China
  • Incoming inspection and marking of complete sets Allocated storage area and compliance with FIFO principles
  • Marking of the circuit boards with the 2D-code
  • Through-hole mounting of the components, wire harnesses, and mechanical components in compliance with the IPC and ESD requirements
  • Manufacture of special equipment for outgoing functional testing and programming
  • Functional testing, firmware installation, packaging and marking
  • Fulfilment of finished modules and “door to door” delivery by transportation companies

Features of our SMT lines:

  • Universal high-performance automatic machines (in Russia) and Fuji (in China) for mounting components on the circuit board
  • Semi-automatic machines for mounting prototypes and limited series
  • Koh Young SPI 3D inspection of solder paste AOI – automatic optical inspection
  • Nordson DAGE 3D X-ray – inspection of the mounting of components with hidden leads

If necessary, we will conduct an analysis of the printed circuit boards for the ease of manufacturing, organize the selection of substitution components, develop a functional testing program.