Localization of electronics manufacturing in Russia

Increasingly frequently, manufacturers face the need to localize the manufacture of their equipment. This may be dictated both by the requirements of the legislation and by specific requests of consumers.

We may offer our customers various options for localizing their manufacture in Russia:

  • Organization of a minimum amount of processing for marking the products as “made in Russia”
  • Organization of the manufacture in accordance with the rules introduced by Decree No. 719 of the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Organization of the manufacture in accordance with the rules of the Customs Union
  • Manufacture of products to order for the purpose of a rapid configuration of equipment and software to meet the individual requirements of the customers.

We provide support for our clients in obtaining the necessary certificates, licenses, and inclusion into the registers of the domestic producers. Our manufacturing facility is always open for organizing visits of the end users, for audits, and monitoring.

To ensure the necessary depth of processing, we have established a direct cooperation with the Russian manufacturers of the following components:

  • Printed circuit boards of up to eight layers
  • Injection molded plastic casings
  • Metal housings, cabinets, die-cut parts
  • Corrugated packaging, individual packaging and printed documentation

In addition, we closely cooperate with the major distributors of Russian electronic components

Contact us, and we will offer a more specific solution to your localization problem!