Electronics manufacturing services

A modern assembly facility, such as our assembly shop in Tver, is no longer just a room crowded with assembly tables. Nor is it a standard assembly line, which you are accustomed to seeing in the photos of numerous Chinese factories.

Our manufacturing process is a technological process of a detailed design, for which we are training specialists and constructing a special assembly line, selecting the most suitable equipment and tools.

At our assembly facility, we can implement a complete production chain, from the supply to the delivery to the end user:

  • The procurement of standard components, the work with our contractors for the manufacture of customized components, such as displays, touch panels, electromechanical components, antennas, and so on.
  • The import and the incoming transport logistics of the components
  • Incoming quality inspection of the incoming components and their marking
  • Bin location warehousing of equipment and organization of the supply of components for the manufacture according to the FIFO principle
  • Soldering of additional elements to the printed circuit boards, wiring in compliance with the requirements for the anti-static protection
  • Installation of the product into the casing with the fulfillment of all necessary assembly operations
  • Functional testing and software flashing, embedding the serial number into the firmware
  • Packaging of the finished products into individual and multi-packs, labeling
  • Bin location warehousing of the finished products Order-picking for the end user, preparation of documents on behalf of the supplier, shipping to transportation companies

Our facilities are equipped with the information system tracking each component from the incoming inspection to the shipment. We provide our customers with a unique opportunity of an online monitoring of the manufacture of their products, and we can arrange the integration and uploading of all production data into the customer’s database.